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Windows 8

I have written a nifty little tool in PowerShell that eases the deployment of SharePoint solutions (WSP) files. The tool serves as a management tool for new features. It uses an XML configuration to select ...

Pavan Kumar Pabothu,

Have you ever gotten errors when working with WCF services? Open up your web.config/app.config on the server side and add the following<system.diagnos... <!-- This logging is great when WCF ...


Microsoft had just released a new website http://www.meetwindowsazure... which announced an outstanding event named “MEET Windows Azure”. There will be some awesome new features and releases being published ...

Tim Murphy,

I have been working on a Windows Phone application for the user group that I help to run and have been experiencing head ache after head ache. The problem isn’t the Windows Phone development itself. The ...